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Good Bargains offers milk powder at discounted price; guaranteed that it will be at least $1 cheaper than what you get from supermarkets. Expiry dates are latest date so consumers are ensured the freshest stocks for their kids' consumption. Best of all, it comes with home delivery so you do not have to lug home heavy tins of milk powder from supermarkets.

Good Bargains reserves the right to replace any gift of similar value should the current gifts run out of stocks. Our current gifts include Tupperware containers, colour pencils, colour pens, food warmer, sticker books + stickers, haversack, fruit flakes from UK, 5 grains nutrient bars, educational magnetic toys, face towels......whilst stocks last. Good Bargains reserves the right to change the gifts at any time without prior notice. Our customers are very happy with the free gifts received, some even call up to specially order an additional set of gifts when they receive their milk order.

Further discounts are given to consumers with orders that exceed the minimum quantity required. Please email us for enquires.  

Please email us private for the range of other infant formulas not listed here.

Over at Good Bargains, we are firm believers that BREAST MILK is the best food for babies. Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed for as long as possible. 


Good Bargains


Nutrens Junior (400g) $11.00 each of 400g. Min 24 cans (1 carton) for free delivery + a surprise mystery gift.

Every 2 cartons (48 cans) order, each can will be $10.80 each + a free gift as above.


Enfapro A+(900g)
Enfagrow A+ SA(1.8kg) 

Enfagrow A+ SA(900g) 




Enfakid A+ SA (1.8kg)

Enfakid A+ SA (900g)


Promil Gold-Good Disc-nt tollyjoy,medela,advent,pigeon,oshkosh,RL,breastp,GuesS Promil Gold 900g:  each. For orders of 14 cans and more + a free gift as above
Progress Gold-Good Disc-nt tollyjoy,medela,advent,pigeon,oshkosh,RL,Guess Progress Gold 900g:  For orders of 14 cans and more + a free gift as above.

Karihome Goat Milk Follow-On Formula. Complete nutrition for babies from 7 - 12 months.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Karihome Goat Milk Growing Up Formula. For children 1-3 years old.Price:
Karihome Goat Milk Growing Up Vanilla Formula. For children 1-3 years old.
Karihome Goat Milk Kid Formula. Is a balanced nutrition supplement
formula for children 3-7 years old.

Karihome Whole Goat Milk Powder. A Nutrition supplement formula for older children and adults.


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